Sacrificial Device
See 49 CFR 178.345-1 (c). (Also see Shear Section).
Seam, Girth
See Girth Seam.
Sensor, High Level
A liquid actuated sensor installed in a secondary shut-off system. Also, this sensor is sometimes used as a primary shut-off system. The signal from this sensor stops the loading pumps or closes the emergency valve upon overfill. (See Shutoff System, Secondary).
Sensor, Liquid Level
See Indicator, Liquid Level.
Sensor, Retained
A liquid actuated sensor installed in the bottom of a compartment to indicated the presence of liquid.
Shear Section, DOT 400 Series Cargo Tanks
See 49 CFR 178.345-1 (c). (Also see Sacrificial Device).
Shear Section, MC 300 Series Cargo Tanks
A machine groove located outboard of an emergency valve seat and within 4 inches of the vessel which should break under strain and leave the emergency valve seat and its attachment to the vessel and the valve head intact and capable of retaining product.
Shell, Tank
See 49 CFR 178.345-1 (c).
Shutoff System, Secondary
A system that provides overflow protection during bottom loading.
Difference in height between highest and lowest points of the tank bottom.
Slope Sheet
Panels located at each end or side of compartment which direct product by gravity to hoppers.
Specification, MC/DOT
The U.S. DOT Motor Carrier Specification for tank vehicles authorized to carry specified hazardous materials.
Splash Guard
A device which deflects road spray.
The exhaust pipe for tanks with burners.
Steam Panel
See Heat Panel.
Stick, Dip
See Dip Stick.
Stiffener, Ring
See Ring Stiffener.
See 49 CFR 180.403.
Structure, Connecting
See 49 CFR 178.345-1 (c).
The frame to which the undercarriage is attached.
See 49 CFR 178.345.1 (c).
Sump, Cleanout
The low point of a tank which may be opened for cleaning.
Swivel Joint
A movable metallic product transfer conductor usually used on discharge lines to eliminate the bending or twisting of hoses.


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