Dam, Manhole
See Manhole, Dam
A device placed inside a tank to change the flow direction during loading or unloading.
To purge compartments, voids, piping and components of dangerous vapors rendering the cargo tank safe for both hot and cold work.
Dip Stick
A separate measuring device used to determine the level of product in a tank.
Dip Tube
(1) A piping arrangement installed in a tank which will be pressure unloaded out of the top. (2) May also be a tube installed in a pressurized containers to gage the level of liquid.
Abbreviation for Department of Transportation.
DOT Specification
See Specification, MC/DOT.
Doubler Plate
A reinforcing pad, ring, collar or strap used to reinforce the shell or head.
A hole, pipe of hose used to gravity discharge liquid from an enclosed area such as a void, void compartment or manhole dam.
Drain, Flashing
See Flashing Drain


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