Cap, Dust
Cover which mates with a male adapter.
Cap, Pipe
A cap which mates with the male threads of a pipe and which forms a liquidtight seal.
Capacity, Commodity
Total internal volume that does not include planned outage.
Capacity, Nominal
That compartmental volume to which a vessel is designed that does not include the planned stage.
Capacity, Shell
The absolute full capacity of a tank shell.
Certification, Design
See 49 CFR 178.320 (a).
Certificate Holder
See Holder, Certificate
Acronym for Code of Federal Regulations.
Christmas Tree
See Vent.
Cock, Shut-Off
A device used to restrict or stop flow of air or liquid.
Compartment, Tank
The product carrying space of a tank motor vehicle. A cargo tank motor vehicle may have one or more such spaces. (See Tank, Cargo)
Compartment, Void
See Void Compartment.
Connection, Air
Fitting used to apply air pressure from source to vessel.
Connection, Loading/Unloading
See 49 CFR 178.345-1 (c).
Coupling, Pipe
See 49 CFR 178.345-1 (c).
Coupler, Cam & Groove
The female portion of a quick coupling device for pipe or hose ends.


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